Upcoming events


Somali Books day

10-27-20186:00 pm -10:00 pm

This lively and popular annual event is the only book fair for Somali writers in Europe. It attracts writers from across the continent to showcase their work, to interact with each other, and present and discuss their new publications with the audience. All Somali writers who have published books are welcome to set up stall and sell their books, giving the Somali audience unmatched access to the latest publications. This year we will be selling and discussing brand new publications by Bodhari Warsame, Rashiid Sheekh Abdillaahi, Farah Gamuute and the newly established Somali magazine KOBCIYE and much more.


Final Beats with Ahmed Ali Igal, Cherrie, Kiin Jama, and Nuur Daalac

10-28-20186:00 pm -10:00 pm

Join us for the final event of Somali week festivals 10th anniversary– the evening includes a host of performances by celebrated Somali music artist including Kiin Jama, Ahmed Ali Cigal, Nuur Daalacay & Cherrie

The 2018 Somali Week Festival will culminate with music performance from great Somali artists from across the generations. Kiin Jama, Ahmed Ali Cigal, Nuur Daalacay great singers from the first era of modern Somali music in the 1970's and 1980's will be joined on stage by one of the most popular contemporary singers and songwriter based in the Horn of Africa. The evening will end with Somali's most popular contemporary performer singer and songwriter who has popularised and modernised Somali traditional art to give it new life as well as Somali-Swedish sensation Cherrie.


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