Upcoming events


Fowzia Health Foundation's Fundraiser for a Community Hospital in Somalia

09-23-20174:00 pm -11:30 pm

We invite you to a fundraising event to prevent the ongoing epidemic of maternal and child deaths in rural areas of Somalia. Somalia just passed the worst drought conditions in recent history and the people effected most by these extreme conditions are expecting mothers and their children. Motherhood should be a joyful and positive exprience but many women are dying because there do not have adequate care.

88%-98% of mother's death can be prevented by having safe and working health facilities in Somalia.

Let's come together to build safe and working health facilities in order to dramatically decrease maternal and child deaths and create a thriving and healthy community in the rural towns of Somalia!


Somali Studies in Canada: Resilience and Resistance

10-14-20179:30 am -5:30 pm

This day-long, multidisciplinary colloquium will showcase how Somalis have been a growing and flourishing presence in Canada and other nations in the Global North. Utilizing a critical lens through multiple disciplines, such as academic, artistic, or grassroots activism regarding reflections on the Somali-diasporic presence, the colloquium will focus on the resilience and the diversity in the experiences of Somali migrants, the active exclusion and difficulties integrating into Canadian society and the lack of support experienced by both migrants and subsequent generations in Canada and beyond. The colloqium will hold particular attention to the given politics and poetics of Somali diasporic communities, their location at the intersection of multiple identities/oppressions (Blackness and antiblackness, colonialism and coloniality, Islam and Islamophobia, refugee/new immigrant identities and xenophobia, and more), and the relationship of Somalis to other communities of colour, such as Indigenous nations and other black diasporic communities.



10-14-20179:30 am - 10-15-20174:30 pm

Team World Vs Team Australia
SABPI2017 International Conference 2017

"We have great expectations from entrepreneurs, students and Professionals because we believe in their unlimited innovative ideas. They are drawing up the future with unrestrained determination and resolve. They are the foundation for vivid societies, the pillar of its business, economy, culture and other domains. “

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